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About Us


We Help Small Businesses 

and Our Employees

Grow and Succeed

AOMI was founded by Linne Warner in 2014 in order to offer much needed expert advice and professional, affordable bookkeeping and office support to local small businesses who weren't quite ready to hire full time office staff.

Mrs. Warner has over 27 years of experience and education in office administration, accounting, marketing and staff management for small businesses and she specializes in teaching her clients how to maximize their profits by costing jobs and projects with the ideal margins while maintaining competitive pricing.

She continuously strives to help her own staff excel with paid education, time off for family and worship  and on the job training, in a fun and flexible environment where they can reach their highest potential. 


Let Us Help Support your Business

The Best Of Professionals


Linne Warner


Linne is the president and founder of AOMI and it's sister company B.E.S.T. ; an ordained minister, local church volunteer and assistant children's liturgy minister.  Linne received her higher education for Accounting, Team Management, Staffing, Marketing and Design and Multi-Media arts and Technology in southern California while working full time for several multi-million dollar companies and raising her two children. She is happily married to her husband Chris and thoroughly embraces life with many pleasant years ahead to look forward to on their mini farm in Candler since 2011.

Mira Balga

Accounting Department Manager

Miranda (Mira) is a quality-driven professional, with a hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action. With years experience in the small business realm she has heightened her senses to notice what a business needs to do in order to thrive. Mira enjoys being challenged by her job and she looks forward to new opportunities to grow her skills and knowledge.  Educated with a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising / Digital Media

from East Tennessee State University - Johnson City, TN

at home she loves cooking, gardening, and spending time with her little family and adores searching for hidden gems at antique shops around town.

Lacie Morgan

Office Manager

Lacie is a hard working, dedicated office administrator who works diligently to keep the day to day operations running for our entire team so that they can succeed at their jobs. Her patience and strengths to "take the bull by the horns" in every situation laid before her has made her a crucial member of our AOMI Family, with us since 2019!  Lacie is happily married with a beautiful, growing family and is always there to support her work team and her home team and keeps us all running smoothly.  An AB Tech accounting student, Lacie continues to grow her extensive list of responsibilities and as well as her ever growing skillset list and impressive work portfolio.


For receiving instruction in prudent behavior, doing what is right and just and fair;

Proverbs 1:3

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